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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Untold Story Of 'Runs Girls' In Ikeja Computer Village

The Ikeja Computer Village in Lagos is West Africa's biggest commercial center for data innovation items and has discovered its way into the world's innovation map. Individuals from diverse parts of the nation and surely distinctive parts of West Africa work together there every day. By, exchanges there keep running into the area of N1 Billion every day.

Nonetheless, as per educated sources, there is likewise something else, subtly going ahead at Ikeja Computer Village. It is something which a considerable measure of young ladies now call "runs" . The Ikeja Computer Village formally shuts down at 6 pm consistently. The strict shutting time was forced by the powers there after some furnished theft occurrences quite a long while back. At around that end time, in the event that you happen to be around the spot, your are certain to see young ladies of distinctive shading ,sizes and shapes spilling out of the Village.

Normally, a great deal of young ladies are relied upon to be in the Village. All things considered, a large portion of the merchants can just capacity with sales representatives and everywhere throughout the world; young ladies are more disposed to be salesmen particularly for little business. Notwithstanding, things are more convoluted than that. In the Computer Village, there are deals young ladies and there are deals young ladies yet what a great deal of them offer is more than meet the eyes.

 For one thing, what a normal Computer Village deals young lady gains is negligible to the point that it can scarcely be supportable as a vehicle passage for 2 weeks. Yet, a great deal of them don't stay around Ikeja. They originate from spots similarly as Ikorudu, Okota and Satellite Town. They are constantly dependable and work industriously for their managers.

These young ladies keep body and soul together from the returns from the "runs" they do in the town. The vast majority of them accept the occupation with the comprehension in the middle of them and their supervisors that they are going to meet a great deal of affluent men who come to work together in the business sector and when they play their cards well, they profit. Henceforth, regardless of their pitiful compensations, toward the end of the month, the young ladies profit.

The modus of operandi is basic. Some shop proprietors have turned pimps for their business young ladies and a few young ladies have graduated to "toasting" the male clients themselves. Toward the end of an exchange, the young ladies get the purchaser to see whether the telephones are working fine. They don't do this with simply any client yet a man they are occupied with. Obviously these calls lead starting with one thing then onto the next. By the day's end, they are dating the client. Sources say some of these young ladies go to the business sector consistently with the trust of meeting another date as well as an extremely rich one.

These shop proprietors support this in light of the fact that; they use the administrations of some of these young ladies as deals persons, paying them alongside nothing. Some of these proprietors additionally pass their business young ladies around in the business sector and straightforwardly examine it among themselves. The "runs" business by the young ladies is currently an open mystery in the town that individuals there take a gander at telephone shop deals young ladies in the Village with disparagement, notwithstanding the way that it is not all business young ladies in the town that are a piece of this "runs" racket.

Some little telephone shop proprietors have graduated into full times pimps as they now pimp their business young ladies around town, paying little mind to whether the customers will be clients or not. They additionally get their slices when such arrangements sail through.

On the other hand, a great deal of offers young ladies in the Computer Village are not naturally into this "runs" business. It is more common among the little telephone shop proprietors. And still, at the end of the day, various telephone show dealers are not part of the ring. Yet, they all know it exists in the Village and discuss it with contempt.

It is likewise relevant to note that a modest bunch of offers young ladies in the Village have discovered life accomplices while doing their work in the town.

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