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Thursday, February 18, 2016

IDL has Ever Green Night at the Lagos nation club

The soul of the late saint, Valentine happened upon the Lagos Country Club Ikeja when Intercontinental Distillers Limited (IDL) spread their wings of liberality over the club at an occasion labeled, "Evergreen night with IDL".

The on-going association between the Club and Intercontinental Distillers Limited, creators of top decision quality beverages, was taken up an indent as the association played host to individuals from the club, blending up the spot with old Nigerian hits.

The President of the Club, Mr Kayode Muniru Moradeyo communicated his appreciation at the movement of the association between the club and the association, He said that the Club is a family and "individuals – just" club and the quantity of individuals that come in are nearly weave. Occasions like these further sews us together he included.

The Head of Sales IDL, Hope Gbagi said that the purpose behind supporting the occasion was to make a light and powerful climate for loosening up and a good time for the Club individuals.

By Chairman, Mr Moradeyo, the Club's Partnership with IDL has been continuing for quite a while and Intercontinental Distillers Limited has been a back backing to numerous occasions at the Lagos Country Club, for example, The New year's gathering and New Member's Night.

With the bubbly feeling, extraordinary Brands like Action Bitters, Veleta Fruit Wine, Chapeau, an entire dairy animals hanging at the Barbeque stand and a DJ, the temperament was over the ground level, and Club individuals revolved late into the night.

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