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Saturday, March 5, 2016

2016/2017 JAMB UTME Questions And Answers For 7th March Students [1:30Pm- 2:30Pm] All Subjects

ENGLISH 7th March [TYPE 1] (6.30am-2.30pm ) -it looks like a large object in a copper pipe -result in a leaking system -a large and complex solar heater -slackened -our circumstances dictate how we live -constant occurrence -the more delicate our choices are, the greater d chances of disappointment -is one of the essentials of life -ambitious -butchered -fruits -descendants -efficient -information -prospect -conception -people -merit -uphold -miss novi and efua -he was publicly punishd -they were shockd -achieve her set goals -efua standing up 4 him when he had nt done the same -beauty -only knew how to paint -mr solade's outburst -it was a typical boys room -nigerian sensation -a peacemaker -giving inaccurate passes -advancement of women and children -strategically locatd at d centre of d schl -the admiration of lots of girls -they breathd out a long sound -they are completely different from each oda -he achieves mre success -they are clearly nt cming -he has a very kind character -she met amina only 4 a while -he likes olu very much -they were killed by friendly fire -he is always happy to make olu angry -it made a horrible sound -clumsiness -diminutive -languished -fear to -disclosd -susceptible to -discard -encourage -compliments -active -idle -captivating -defective -greedy -cowardly -coinciding -with shock -adamant -honest -utilize -of -about -negotiate -had gone -twice as much as -of -whichever -many dirty -darted -long last hecring skills -ran off -virile -though -turn -is being -beliefs -the tallest -a great health-care crisis -doesnt she -lookd on -board -laud -height -hoarse -hug -why -home -foe -live -conDItional -instiTUtion -interNATional -does d man work in lagos -what does d rich man do twice in a day -who prepared a delicious dinner ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ ENGLISH [TYPE 2] 5th March(6.30am-2.30pm ) -fundamental -all nations adopt the peaceful approach -usefulness -the approach to employ in conflict management depends on the state of affairs -mediator -language and culture are interwoven -it promotes understanding within the group -the language of instruction is ideally ones own language -our native language is as important as the world around us -expresed -prestigious -Influenced -high -image -emulate -heightened -acute -seldom -frequently -contradict -he smiled sheepishly -misconception -unite against bullying of the eldest brother -accountancy -nene -friendly and likeable person -efua -ss3 students -eze -always ready to punish offenders -conformity -jumping into a nearby bush -garrulous -joke -he would support d club -try nt to become sad and hopeless -they cntrolld d capital mre strictly -my brother and i havent seen d movie -his actions were seriously rejectd -he wasnt given d car because his father cmplaind -he was nt invited and so he did nt attend -he is one of those that live in a distant and underdevelopd area -the lecture is an opportunity to travel to damascus -she cannot change d way thngs happen -pleasant -respectful -natural -defended -distinguished -dawdles -calm -consistent -ambiguous -normal -aversion -hates -sarcastic -terrible -sparkling -essential -someone who holds onto his ideas -come off -steady -disagreement -dropped out of -off -taller/I -doesn't she -in -an old big brown bag -gone/who -for a while now -will she -from -with -of -for -within -cut back on -upon -ran off -any -castle -talk -wood -budget -thrive -haste -soul -confused -exam -confuse -is the house painted blue -did ade obtain a loan from a church -what did we fetch for her ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ PHYSICS 5th March (6.30am-2.30pm ) *192.00 *kWh *π°/2 *3.6m^3 *8D *1.5×10^-14 N *read>green>blue *10cm *four times that of the seconds *fission *photoelectric effect *at low pressure and voltage *it can be use for making permanent magnet *infinity to the point *10s *a virtual diminished image is formed *earth radiates heat to the atmosphere at night *transformation *1:2 *40N *75N *protons *80N *1.0A *steam brings heat more easily by convection *6.93×10^7s *300N *250.0j *1.2N *1.2N *30cm *0.2m *charles law *polarization *2pie *300W *heat capacity *temperature *the level of water remains unchanged *dispersion occurs *3.50cm *covalent *fall below the liquid level if the liquid wets the glass *I^2 *an angle greater than the critical angle *780NC^-1 *making the core of soft iron to reduce hysterisis loss *a good conductor of heat *ML^2T^_2 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++ LITERATURE 5th March(6.30am-2.30pm ) -aloho -acp yakubu -jabu -akpara hotel -smuggling -paradox -former is jealous -othello is a moor -eloping -roderigo -kwei -fofo -ghana -black -happiness -alani -basement -earlone -rhetorical question -it is not a crime -arrogance -personification -ghana -how africa is becoming complex -abab -personification -expository -imploring -displeased -drama -betrayed -soliloquay -change and growth -tell a story -enjambment -way in which the events of the story are organized -use of creative imagination -teaches human lessons -poetic justice -diction ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++ CHEMISTRY 5th March(6.30am-2.30pm ) - I2 - Ammonia - They obey gas law under the conditions of low pressur.. - 0.907g - 9.6g - decreasing the pressure - chromatography - Slaked time - buffer solution - benzene - nitrogen - 2 - tertiary alkanols - c2h70 - Zn - N2 - +3 to +4 - gelatin - Ok - num of effective.. - 7.529 x 10^22 - (-50.33JK) - efflorescence - crystallization - nitrogen & sulphur - addition - c2h4 - alkanoic acid - sodium salt of saturated fatty acid - tetraoxophosphate(v) - brick red - 66 - rnx btw hydrochloric acid.. - calcium hydroxide - C10H14N2 - tripple point - sublimes on warning - ca(OH)2 - protons only - cl- - graphite lining - stainless steel - saponification - Ne - ethanal - yellow - 6 - ethanol ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++ ECONOMICS 5th March(6.30am-2.30pm ) * MR = MC * a progressive tax * rice * fall in the general price level * limited liability company * 50 * the price mechanism * growth * industrial activities * granting loans to customers * is lower than the price * charge higher prices * a zero elastic supply * unfavourable weather condition * an indifference curve * net domestic product plus depreciation * protects consumers from being exploited * fluctuation in world oil prices * cyclical * 11 * the reserve requirements * diminishing marginal utility * 8.0% * assurance in the management of crude oil * 12 * an infinitely elastic demand * teach farmers modern methods of farming * government policy * consumers utility is unchanged * available technical know-how * 5.10% * revenue generation * #8000 * complementary demand * a movement along the same demand curve * increasing production of quality goods for exports * export processing zone * #3 * the absense of transportation cost * #200 * I and II * firms should not maximize profits in the sale of their products * 0.56 * producing quality goods for exports ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++ CRK 5th March(6.30am-2.30pm ) -whispering together -be led by the spirit -idolatrous practices -breaking of bread in the temple -simon -worthless -great would be their reward in heaven -faith -rested from all his work of creation -oppressive -philistines -ignorance -are forgiven by God -prove the supremacy of God -unwillingness to put her to shame -direct access to God through christ -they already know the nature of his coming -aknowledgs their guilt -an excellent spirit was in him -treatment of the poor -deny the resurrection story -the cares of the world choke it -becomes partakers of it -kind but firm -a youth -samballat and tobias -following him comes before anything else -universal God -idolatory -chief buttler -seen their offering -building altars for idol worship -i tell you,not even in isreal have i found such faith -institution of covenants -reconcile him back to his master -lowliness of mind -teach his ordinances and statutes in isreal -they cast lots -he spoke to him directly from heaven -we would avoid God -gentiles were free to be members of church -making the temple a den of thieves -make them obey God -maltreated the hebrews -cultism and secret societies are evil practices -spread the word to the gentles -elijah -hiding from God -have been brought from death to life -of war ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MATHS 5th March(6.30am-2.30pm ) [REAL ANSWERS] - 40_/3 all over 3 m - 53degre - {6,7} - 10_/3cm - 800 - -2 (questn is determin valu of..) - 17/20 - 2 (questn: the mean of 2-t,4..) - 210 - 543base8 - 8 (questn: find d sum of infin..) - 189cm - 840 - [14 8] [7 7] - 2+2x - 1/2 (questn: find valu of tan...) - 17/30 - 43cm - it is a semi-circle with ST as diameter - -43 or x <-4 - 3^n-1 yx^n-1 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ GOVERNMENT 5th March(6.30am - 2.30pm ) [REAL ANSWERS] -naturalization -ensure equality of federating units -entertaining complaints against public servant -traditional rulers -general assembly -returning officer -madawaki -judicial review -1963 constitution -ogboni -maxism -of the existence of an organized structure in the area -implementing laws -britain -appointed minister -chairman -population -independence -africa -high commissioner -aboyade committee -potential role in africa -judiciary -right to vote -substance -socialization -influence legislation for the benefit of their members -1976 local government reform -easily amended -general assembly -government control -supervise and manage the personnel of local government -aristocracy -inbalance in the structure and sizes of units of federation -togo -mid western region -afrocentric policy -charismatic -judicial review -1993 elections -edicts -wastage of resources -economic underdevelopment -whose government decisions are made independent of foreign interference -head of government and a lawmaker -effective mechanisms for enforcing its decisions -joseph wayas -acquire and exercise power -gerontocracy