Saturday, January 9, 2016

A seeker murdered a mountain lion...and saw a distortion never seen (photograph)

A seeker in Idaho who murdered a mountain lion included in an assault on a puppy found the lion had a brutal distortion. An arrangement of teeth and hairs were becoming out of its head. A pic discharged Thursday by Idaho Fish and Game demonstrates the enormous feline had another arrangement of full grown teeth and bristles becoming out of the highest point of its head.

Natural life authorities say they have never seen a deformation like that however have presented a few hypotheses. One clarification set forth is that it might be a conjoined that passed on in the womb and its leftovers converged into the other twin. Another clarification is a supposed "teratoma" tumor.

This sort of anomaly, whose Greek name means "creature tumor," can develop teeth and hair. In people, it can develop fingers and toes.

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