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Thursday, January 7, 2016


This are the Traditional Rulers
At this level, there are eight (8) clans in which all the communities in Isoko North Local Government are constituted. These are: Ozoro Clan, Okpe-Isoko Clan, Ofagbe Clan, Owhe Clan, Emevor Clan, Ellu Clan, Iyede Clan, and Oyede Clan. The clans are made up of different hamlets and villages which are in turn grouped into political wards for democratic convenience. At the helm of affairs are the Kings and the Chiefs in council, who help to deliberate on sensitive issues that concern the development f their communities. A traditional ruler of a particular clan is designated in this order:
* Ozoro Clan – HRM The Ovie of Ozoro Kingdom
* Iyede Clan – HRM The Ovie of Iyede Kingdom
* Okpe-Isoko Clan- HRH The Ovie of Okpe-Isoko Kingdom
* Ellu Clan – The Ovie of Ellu kingdom
* Ofagbe Clan – HRM The Odio-logbo of Ofagbe Kingdom
* Owhe Clan – HRM The Odio-logbo of Owhe Kingdom
* Oyede Clan – HRH The Odio-logbo of Oyede Kingdom
* Emevor Clan – HRH The Odion of Emevor Kingdom
For the purpose of uniformity, peace and oneness of leadership, a Traditional Council was established for the Local Government Area, in pursuance to section 44, sub-section 1 of the Traditional Rulers and Chiefs Edict of 1979 (as at then) now applicable in Delta State.
The Isoko North Traditional Council is made up of eight (8) recognized Traditional Rulers (one from each clan) and the Executive Chairman of the local Government. The Traditional Council of Isoko North Local Government meets once in every month at the Council Secretariat in Ozoro, to deliberate on crucial issues that normally lead to the economic development and socio-cultural advancement of all the communities in the Area
The following are the government officially recognized and gazetted traditional Rulers in Isoko North Local Government Area for now.
1. H.R.M. Dr. J.O. Ekwe ll (JP) – Ovie of Iyede
2. H.R.M. (Engr) M.O. Ikpoku-Orie ll (JP) – Odiologbo of Ofagbe
3. H.R.M. Okpuzo R.E. Inana l (JP) – Odiologbo of Owhe
4. H.R.M. (Barr.) Uvietobore A. Ogbogbo Ibuka l (JP) – Ovie of Ozoro
5. H.R.M. Felix O. Agbabe Ekpolo ll (JP) – Ovie of Okpe-Isoko

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