Saturday, January 16, 2016

LIB peruser Bishop Dammy survives accident...shares his story with pics

What prevalent LIB analyst Bishop Dammy composed beneath...

My confirmation 2016#. Jehovah is the almighty God, the demon is only a commotion creator. On the third of January 2016 while originating from Church (been on the mountain since 24th of December, it's a yearly routine)...I was heading home, only somewhere in the range of couple of kilometers to my home, I had a mishap, broke my right hand with relentless seeping on my head and different parts of my body

Be that as it may, all on account of God I'm alive and sound vouching for the integrity of the Lord. Iv imparted a few pictures to Miss Linda Ikeji# For a few of us here that thought about this, Thanks for demonstrating worry in real money and kind, might the Lord favor all of you in Jesus name. AMEN. ‎ 

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