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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Perused the PDP explanation underneath, on Metuh: 'Holding Charge Illegal'- PDP Tells EFCC, FG

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says the proceeded with detainment of its representative, Chief Olisa Metuh by the EFCC since Tuesday, without charging him to court, plainly demonstrates the tyrannical character of the President Muhammadu Buhari-drove APC Federal Government, which has not concealed its contempt for standard of law and a hunger to choke the restriction.

The gathering said the proceeded with confinement is in clear break of Chief Metuh's naturally ensured freedom and major rights.

The PDP in an announcement marked by the National Legal Adviser, Barr. Victor Kwon on Saturday focused on that depending on an indicated 'holding charge' said to have been gotten from a Magistrate to keep Chief Metuh past the statutory period permitted by the law is altogether infringement of the constitution and surviving relating decisions by a few trial and investigative courts in the nation.

"We draw the consideration of all Nigerians and the universal group to this unlawful clip down on the resistance representative by the EFCC, utilizing an indicated holding charge said to have been gotten from an officer court.

"Holding Charge which infers 'capture before examination' rather than 'examination before capture' is unmistakably an abnormality and misuse of legal procedure which has subsequent to been announced by a few courts as illicit, invalid and void, and of no impact as it is absolutely in inconsistency with segment 35 (1), (4), (5a) of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

"The PDP is especially stressed that Chief Metuh, since his capture on Tuesday, is by and large barbarically kept in an underground cell where he is day by day debilitated by authorities, who we accumulated, have been mounting weight on him to acknowledge blame of invented figures and involve PDP pioneers.

"People in general is all that much mindful that the EFCC Chairman has gone to the Presidential manor at any rate twice since Chief Metuh was captured and kept by the commission, apparently to get further orders looking into the issue.

"We welcome the world to note that President Buhari's decision guarantee of battling debasement has now been transformed into a man-chase of PDP pioneers, while known degenerate APC pioneers are being protected by the framework and remunerated with ecclesiastical positions and other government arrangements.

"Our country is presently being transformed into a police state with its inborn established infringement and encroachment on privileges of natives, a situation which postures grave peril to national soundness and survival of our majority rule government.

"The PDP unequivocally alerts against the avoidable pressure and approaching political emergency regarding the constant cinch down on our pioneers and especially, the proceeded with imprisonment of our representative, Chief Olisa Metuh, who was captured a couple of days after he went up against the Federal Government and the APC over their oppressive proclamations and activities.

"Our overflowing individuals the nation over have so far practiced sensible control, however we alert that there is a point of confinement to what they can stomach even with this bold mistreatment of our representative. The President Buhari-drove APC government and the EFCC ought to hence consider themselves dependable ought to there be any breakdown of peace in the area over this matter.

"We along these lines fortify our interest on the EFCC to regard the course of law and discharge Chief Metuh quickly or charge him to court in accordance with the procurements of our laws on the off chance that it emphatically feels it has a body of evidence against him.

"Nigerians can't bear to come back to the period of fascism where sacred procurements, regard for legal procedures and individual flexibility of subjects under the law are trampled upon. Their reaction to this may accompany extremely desperate results.
‘Enough is Enough!

Barr. Victor Kwon
National Legal Adviser