Friday, January 8, 2016

Realistic photographs: Man purportedly cuts ex's tongue after she dumped him

Leandro Trejo, 28, has been blamed for wounding his 18-year-old ex Nicole Kleer severally after she called time on their relationship. By, he stood up to her as she was strolling home with a companion in the San Fernando territory of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He supposedly rode up to her on his motorbike and shut her way before drawing out a blade and cutting her in the neck, arms, head,face and ear. When she attempted to shout for help, he cut her tongue. See photographs after the
Her father, Claudio Kleer, told nearby media: "I am rankled and in the meantime extremely dismal, in light of the fact that our entire society is soliciting that equity serves those casualties from sex brutality however shockingly this is not happening. The attacker, Leandro Trejo, was not really even confined for two hours, in light of the fact that they thought of her as wounds minor, when it was plainly an endeavor at femicide. Nicole's companion needed to toss herself on top of the assailant with the assistance of a passing man. The way that she is alive is out and out good fortunes."
Nicole's lawful agent, Mar­ia Elena Leuzzi, said: "The subject started to tail her, in light of the fact that she let him know she needed to end their two month relationship."She had effectively acknowledged he was a savage man. "She instructed him to allow her to sit unbothered, after which he rode home, recovered a blade and came to murder her.

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