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Friday, January 8, 2016

This Picture Got Me Thinking...

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I saw this photo, and despite the fact that I at first snickered, I started to consider on something that has being niggling at me for at some point

The part that got my attention was "the point at which she is abandoning, you give her 5k".

By and by I have a place with the school of thought who feel that a sweetheart shouldn't give a beau wife advantages. That implies limit the "wifey" obligations you perform for a man who hasn't paid your lady cost. Fine, you can go to his home every so often and help with some stuff, however when you make it a propensity then he will start to underestimate you.

Closer home, my cousin once had a sweetheart who normally went to his family house to see him all the time. The young lady would volunteer to the tasks at home. One day, his mum (my auntie) and his sisters let him know that since the darling was coming to do work no one sent her, they would begin giving her WORK.

From that day, at whatever point his young lady came over, they would give her everything the tasks everybody despised, eg, washing the latrine, cleaning the messy windows, scouring the kitchen. At first the woman was elated that her future relative was tolerating her, yet after some time everybody saw that the young lady had diminished her continuous visits. Inside of a brief timeframe the young lady quit coming completely. Lmao!

I have a companion who let me know that his young lady would not go to his home unless he welcomed her over.

I concur with him.

My point is this: Can't you restrain the wifey advantages you give your man? Why will a woman continue heading off to her man's home to do wifey errands? When he complies with the laws of 'See Finish' and doesn't repay you well like the great little maidservant you will be, you create tormented kid's shows like the one that motivated this post.

This is totally my sentiment, however, yet regardless I trust i seemed well and good. *winks* - See more at: got-me-thinking.html#sthash.GbX8MCPS.dpuf