Friday, January 8, 2016

Thrill seeker falls 100ft to his demise after hot air inflatable trick turns out badly

A French slackliner, jumper and wingsuiter named Tancrede Melet, unintentionally fell more than 100ft to his demise while motivating prepared to perform with a hot air inflatable on Tuesday January fifth. By associates, the terrible occasion which happened in Drome, France happened while he was tightrope strolling between two hot air inflatables. He fell while being suspended at the wicker container at a careful distance.

By profile on the Flying Frenchies site Mr Melet surrendered from his designing occupation to take after his 'mission of flexibility' four years prior. The thrill seeker's enthusiasm turned into his full time work and he highlighted in adverts and recordings and participated in live appears and addresses.
The 32-year-old father-of-one was part of the stuntmen group called the Flying Frenchies, who were also know as the 'Skyliners'.

On their Facebook page, a spokesman said:'Tancrede Melet, a surprising lover of life, surprised us by leaving us too soon. 'He leaves behind wonderful memories, a taste of freedom and a head full of dreams,' Mr Melet is survived by his partner, Tiphaine Breillot, and a young daughter.

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