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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ayo Shonaiya composes on 'The Olajumoke Fairytale'

The TV Producer, legal counselor and music ability operators imparted his insight on his Facebook page. Perused beneath and let us know what you think...
 At the danger of seeming like a hater, I am truly apprehensive as I read and watch this astonishing story of a bread dealer, who accidentally walks around a Tinie Tempah photoshoot, got the attention of picture taker TY Bello, and overnight turns into a worldwide idea. I should say additionally, that I totally adore it. This kind of story delights everybody's heart and serves as motivation to a large number of individuals that regardless of your present circumstance, your favorable luck is simply round the corner and never lose trust in life.

In any case, I can't resist the urge to look past the tall tale and feel a feeling of anxiety in the meantime. In my profession, my occupation is to look where nobody else is looking with regards to arranging contracts, augmenting winning potential for ability, and essentially secure such ability, and I petition God there's somebody doing that for this young lady. I have found and created crude ability in my time, some from obscure status to superstardom. I have met others most of the way in their movement and grew together, however one thing I've never done is base anything on conclusion or "eeeyah", or "Na just Baba God o..." and so on, I am some of the time the one to raise the obnoxious reality, the truth nobody comprehends until years after the fact. In any case, I generally feel it's best to comprehend the entire picture and be arranged for whatever happens next.

When I saw that this Olajumoke young lady couldn't talk or read English, my first concern was she will be baffled by a considerable measure of things, particularly in the design and demonstrating world in Nigeria. At that point the sudden popularity and spotlight, which regularly can confound "experienced" ability. There's likewise the racket for her time, makeovers, interviews, and obviously the well done, supports, occupations, goodwill offers and gifts (I hear she has 2 children as of now).

I've seen her take pictures, holding up a Contract (which I trust has been disclosed to her well as she can't read it), then the makeovers with substantial make up and lipstick (she doesn't look anything like the sweet young lady we all began to look all starry eyed at). Excuse me I'm not an architect o, seeing her wearing some sparkle outfits, I begin to ponder, firstly I trust she's getting paid well at any rate, and besides, the vast majority are just retaining her story, as a large portion of us don't generally know much about attributes that recommend an awesome demonstrating vocation.

I truly do trust and supplicate that, whatever happens to Olajumoke starting now and into the foreseeable future, she is very much secured. The style and demonstrating industry (in Nigeria or anyplace on the planet) can be the most noticeably awful place you wanna be the point at which "they" choose you're no more event or inclining, or more regrettable, not helpful any longer. You wanna wager that some different models are as of now beefing her as of now? What's more, something else, when the same individuals who are "taking advantage of her anointing" now, begin to compose truly appalling and pernicious remarks about her (secretly obviously) on sites since her own is presently getting excessively, I trust she has a solid emotionally supportive network in the general population that truly love and tend to her. In any case, for the time being, Olajumoke ride on and God favor you.

Anyway, that is my own. Me too I have to go and offer my notorious bread in the business sector.