Thursday, February 4, 2016

Boswell-Johnson has been captured for supposedly assassinating his infant mom

25 year old Boswell-Johnson, has been captured for supposedly killing his infant mom, 26 year old NeShante Davis (imagined left) and their 2 year old little girl, Chloe Davis-Green, (envisioned right). By reports, Daron lied-in-sit tight for the mother and kid outside their home in Maryland, USA on Tuesday morning Feb. second and as they turned out around 7am, he shot them two numerous times, killing them. He then fled the scene. He was gotten the following day!

By, the claimed executioner was irate over $600 in month to month kid bolster he had been requested to pay. He had at first declined to pay it, requesting a DNA. He was affirmed to be Chloe's dad in December 2015 through a DNA test directed as a feature of a paternity suit.

The assassinating and his ex had numerous showdowns over the youngster and tyke bolster installments yet no one suspected he would go this far!

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