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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Oshiomole's Wife– Am making the most of my marriage

EDO State Government yesterday, rejected implications making the rounds in the Social Media that the wife of the Governor, Mrs. Iara Oshiomhole, had petitioned for separation, portraying the talk as evil, fiendish and noxious. While censuring the creators of the talk and asking them to cease from such satanic exercises, the administration cautioned that if they proceed with, they would profit in light of the fact that the naughty would not go unpunished,

Edo State Government in an announcement by John Mayaki, Executive Director, Media and Public Affairs, Governor's Office, said: "Commonly, we would have no compelling reason to join issues with the vendors of gossipy tidbits whose stock-in-exchange is to insult open figures yet for the need to alleviate the apprehensions of the individuals who may have been deceived by their wicked junk. We are constrained to eliminate any confusion air before this rushed, totally neglectful, untrustworthy and flighty news coverage (on the off chance that it can be so depicted) turns into a pestilence.

"Which Court of Law was the claimed separation started and to whom would it say it was served? Which nation, state, civil or district, if any, is the Court arranged? What's more, when was the activity/suit documented? Obviously the essayists didn't try to educate their perusers. Reality however is that the answers just exist in the twisted creative energy of the purveyors of the falsehoods."

By explanation: "The truth of the matter is – Mrs. Iara Oshiomhole is making the most of her marriage. She NEVER petitioned for separation and there is plainly no premise for it. Mrs. Oshiomhole was in her office during the time holding gatherings and conceptualizing how to better the loads of the less-favored Women and Children in the state through her pet task: "We Care Tr