Thursday, February 18, 2016

Photograph: 13yr old Urhobo Girl purportedly grabbed, forcely changed over and offered by Hausa Muslim Lover in Bayelsa

 A Hausa Muslim man distinguished as Yunusa from Kano state, has been blamed for grabbing and commandingly changing over and offering 13 year old Urhobo young lady, Ese Rita Orur presented previously.

By Sun, Yinusa who dwells in Opolo, Yenagoa, had kidnapped Ese on August twelfth 2015 and ran off with her to Kano and has declined to permit her arrival home.

Rita's guardians, Mr. also, Mrs. Oruru, had made a few visits to Kano to secure the arrival of their little girl yet have been unsuccessful as Yinusa's family demanded that Ese, who they now allude to as 'Aisha', has a place with them and that they are prepared to pay the essential lady cost.

The Orurus reported the matter to the Police and the Department of State Security (DSS) and their guarantee to bring home Ese has stayed unfulfilled driving the folks to take the issue to youth and common society bunches.

At a question and answer session tended to by Kizito Andah of the Child Protection Network today February eighteenth, the common society and youth bunches in Bayelsa say they are prepared to arrange a dissent and squeeze home the interest for the arrival of Ese from the guardianship of her abductors.

That additionally deplored the powerlessness of both the Nigeria Police and the DSS to secure the arrival of Ese. They cautioned against an ethno-religious emergency which the kidnapping and powerful change into Islam could trigger in Bayelsa state. Andah who addresed the press, said CPN was requesting that Nigerians win on every applicable authoritie to guarantee that Ese is discharged and her abductors are rebuffed in accordance with the laws of the area.

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