Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rapper, Eva Alordiah, pummels women abhorring on her for sharing a video of herself kissing her life partner

Rapper Eva Alordiah took to her Instagram page to pummel women that have assaulted her for sharing a video of herself kissing her life partner, life partner, Ceaser. Photographs from the kissing scene above. While responding, Eva composed

"I comprehend that none of you have ever had the longing to Eat your beaus like I eat mine.

A significant number of you don't have sweethearts and from the tone in your numerous remarks, GuuurrRl!! It is not hard to comprehend why!

I feel your torment Because even I have seeped from the same vein

In any case, not at all like you I didn't go around pouring scorn and the biting kola taste of an insolent soul into each young lady who had one, similar to I would palm oil into a griddle.

Rather I saw her and wished it were me

I Said to God, I need that as well!

Also, when, after numerous an incredible hits and misses with young men, similar to a learner on a tennis pitch who just can't exactly hit the ball right, I at long last met a man who cleared the-single-and-looking floor covering off my feet..

What's more, made me say Yes I submit

What's more, Lord Oh Lord, each time I see him I realize that I gotta Eat!! Thus I eat, when I need to shaNor be everytime the thing dey chook me like that.

Now and then I get a kick out of the chance to eat quick, Sometimes I jump at the chance to eat moderate, Other times I am undecided which rhythm to go.

Like movement on third terrain span at 8.AM from Ikeja, Go - moderate… no, stop for some time for reasons unknown, Go quick… Go moderate once more.

Anyway,I don't know to what extent this gala would last, But it has been served me like the smorgasbord at an Igbo Wedding gathering with Food cooked by Isoko ladies and I plan to eat and eat and eat for whatever length of time that the Food is in sight.

I implore God favors you with somebody who might make you eat them the F out! Say Amen, say it nauuuu you know you need to ����

Hey C @mr_ceezerleo

A debt of gratitude is in order for giving me a chance to eat once more. Today evening time, the moon had an unobtrusive shine about it. Daalu o?."

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