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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Re: Olajumoke...Clothier Uche Nnaji composes letter to Nigerian Banks

The man behind Ouch Clothing, Uche Nnaji composes beneath..

Iam still energized and glad that TyBello permitted God utilize her to pivot the captivity(circumstance ) of Olajumoke, But I am stunned at the sudden mindfulness by corporate bodies to bounce on the fleeting trend to favor and commend her with a wide range of "Endowments" from Apartments to Endorsements...

As though this demonstration has or will take away the various MILLIONS of "OLAjumoke's on our lanes scanning and sitting tight for their own particular TYBello. The stunner for me is seeing a Nigerian bank hurrying to make Olajumoke a brand represetative when they would not move an inche to SAVE a withering Nigerian MSME. This activity has further demonstrated that most Nigerian Banks from time to time get a handle on their part in developing the economy, Olajumoke is 1 individual, yet a business or a thought the Nigerian bank bolsters/Celebrate can turn into another Facebook or Dangote which would make occupations and food families . in any case, unmistakably the greater part of these bank won't discover an understudy who created something and take a bet of supporting the fellow, not to talk of bringing danger with set up developing organizations all in light of the fact that there is no sensation to it. Dear Nigerian banks when you bolster Small developing organizations they will make more employments and get more OLAJUMOKE,s off the roads.

My name is Uche Nnaji and I make JOBs​