Friday, February 19, 2016

Video: Man who attempted to take from a medication store gets thumped out by the Pharmacist's boxer beau

A Florida burglar while endeavoring to victimize a Walgreens drug store for it's supply of Oxycodone was left beaten and wounded by the drug specialist's beau who is a state boxing champion that coincidentally surprised her at work upon the arrival of the occurrence.

A 26 year old Anthony Nemeth was thrashed gravely when he took a stab at burglarizing a drug specialist before her prepared contender sweetheart.

The asserted burglar, strolled into the Walgreens on Valentine's Day, jumped onto the counter, told the drug specialist he had a weapon and after that requested Oxycodone pills. Sadly for him, the drug specialist's beau, David West, was going by his better half for the sentimental occasion pretty much as the criminal appeared.

"When he began venturing into his jeans such as he had a weapon, that is the point at which I accomplished something just to secure my sweetheart," West told WFSB.

The reconnaissance footage demonstrated West calmly strolling over to the hoodlum, pulling him off the counter, yanking his white towel cover and sweater off, and finding a progression of hard punches to his face, thumping out the wannabe criminal.

Nemeth has been accused of endeavored furnished theft and is right now being held in Manatee County Jail on a $15,000 bond.

Watch the video beneath

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