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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

OMG!Contract Church Pastor Fall half Dead After Losing Massively In Anambra Community Election


 A famous minister, Pius Chigbo drooped, got to be oblivious and nearly kicked the bucket after he lost a race in his group. He blacked out when he found he didn't get a solitary vote from anyone, notwithstanding including the individuals who gathered cash from him to vote in favor of him in the race.

Minister Pius Chigbo had supposedly spent gigantic totals of cash amid the battle for his group decision in Umuchu town, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, southeast Nigeria.

Chigbo, who
directs Covenant Church of Yaweh in Umuchu, endured the destiny after the general population voted hugely against him, to the degree that he didn't get a solitary vote as a result of the assertion that he shared cash to the general population to win the decision.

In response, the young people in the region assembled and undermined to bring about inconvenience if Chigbo was chosen.

Amid the race, he found that no single individual including the individuals who professedly gathered cash from him voted in favor of him.

Stunned by the advancement, he left the lobby and on his way back home, drooped and got to be oblivious.

It took the mediation of a few individuals who surged him to an adjacent doctor's facility where he was resuscitated.

Chigbo had introduced himself as one of the challengers for the position of the president general of the group.

Inconvenience began when the adolescents undermined to disturb both decision and exercises in the group if the general population voted in favor of him.

Chigbo challenged against two different adversaries recognized as Raph Njirika and Osita Elemuo.

It was charged that Chigbo crusaded energetically and shared cash to individuals to vote in favor of him.

The young people of the group under the initiative of Nzube Ogbuefi dissented the affirmed gigantic totals of cash he was spending on the race and said he might recover the cash by forcing demands on the general population on the off chance that he won the race.

The adolescents were later induced to sit tight for the result of the decision and when the outcome was reported, Chigbo completely lost.

At the point when our journalist went to his congregation in Umuchu, some of his individuals affirmed that Chigbo was not okay and couldn't be seen.

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