Thursday, January 7, 2016

What a wonderful affection the couple that met and experienced passionate feelings for at Dalori IDP camp (photographs)

35 year old Modu Bulama who came into the Dalori IDP camp after his wife and two kids were murdered by Boko Haram, met and began to look all starry eyed at the lady presented above with him. She is a dowager who lost her spouse amid an assault on their group by Boko Haram.

Talking on how they met, Modu in a meeting with BBC said

Speaking on how they met, Modu in an interview with BBC said
"Some religious leaders in this camp advised me not to worry about what has happened to me They also asked me to remarry. I took their advise and said I will marry as soon as I can afford to. Eventually I met her. I was able to save up. I gave her a bride price and we got married" he said

Modu said they met in that spot in the camp when they were called to appropriate help materials

"We are in some cases called to appropriate help materials. It was while circulating such materials that we met. We heard every others story and I advised her that I adored her and might want to wed her."

Inquired as to whether she played hard to get, Modu with a wide grin said

"No, no..she didn't play hard to get. She didn't, she didn't".

Source: BBC

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